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Comment (0) Feb 16, 2015 60 We have been customers for years and we actually wanted comcast intill all these promblems begain. I'm not a PC guru by any stretch, but this was a godsend. Nonetheless I have seen nothing. ahh well, I'm done with them anyway. http://devstude.net/xfinity-error/xfinity-error-700-310.php

Their overall "business" customer service is an affront to decent business practices: you experience more "bouncing around" than a basketball. After 8 days and my bill was still incorrect, I called Comcast again and was transferred to the Promotions Department. I had been using Safari on my MAC and decided to try with Firefox. The Full or Lite version?Do you use an email client?

Please give me one moment to review your information. Was told they would have to call me back since none was available. Once again, from a foreign office. Well guess what?

I asked for a $100 credit on my bill but was denied that as well with supervisor Tyesha today. Tried that to no avail. Once I called and got help. First off, she could not speak english well at all, she could hardly understand me, took her several minutes to understand me well enough to even find my account with me

Just this past week, two callers from our office trying to fix a very simple problem on the phone spent a total of 155 minutes(!), mostly on hold (we kept count). What are some Xfinity remote codes? I took a shower, got dress for dinner (at least 30 minutes) came back into the living room and my X1 main box was working fine and I had my cable I asked him "What responsibility does Comcast have to assisting their customers when they do call," He had no answer but repeated, "You need a new box and need to call

Comcast Contract Fraud! The promises and nobody showing up, I have been patience, but now I`m angry. The web page said my apartment was acceptable for the kit.After it was delivered I followed the easy installation instructions I contacted xfinity and they tried troubleshoot the problem over the Minecraft My TweetsTagsActive Directory Android AT&T Database Email Error ESX ESXi Exchange Exchange 2010 Exchange 2013 Google How-To howto iPhone jermsmit Linux malware Microsoft Minecraft News O365 Office 365 PlayStation PlayStation

To fix the TV signal they'd have to put in a new underground cable. He was very rude and told me that he would fix her problem as she has been yelling all day. It worked. So now my cable is shut off as of 12/2/12 at 4pm.

I tried unplugging the unit several time to no avail. http://devstude.net/xfinity-error/xfinity-error-700-313.php well the rebate never came, so AGAIN I call Comcast. Then the price kept going up so I switched to Uverse - the TV/DVR was great, the internet SLOW, but no issues. You can route the technician to a bad address two days in a row but I have to wait 5 days for you to correct it.

I couldn't even answer my own phone without her on the other line talking to someone else. Do this people know that we pay for them to work for camcast? This is extreme. this page Comment (0) Feb 16, 2015 60 We have been in our new house since July of this year.

In an Apple Forum I read that MACKEEPER causes instability in some MAC applications. I was informed that my bill would be adjusted and it would take 48 hrs. Errors were still coming up and the menu guide was indicating weak signal.

Comment (1) Feb 16, 2015 20 Never have I worked with a more confused, ill-knowledged, and under educated sounding group of people. Shame on me for thinking I was getting a deal

Michael John > Is it still the same? The first one stop working after the tech on the phone did something and the 2 new ones started working. So by July, I figured it's been over 6 months, I called again, after being switched around to several customer representatives, I was switched over to a whole new department "rebate They have the worst service, and don't care about the customers at all.

I just got the RDK-03004 error message. So mad right now I am very close to canceling the whole order and do with out. I will never use or recomment Comcast to anyone. http://devstude.net/xfinity-error/xfinity-error-570.php I do plan on sending a complaint to the Consumer Affiairs office also.

Thank you for your sub standard service and your shoddy business practices. By typing in the user code, the user can pull up directions on how to resolve the issue. Michael John > I will need to escalate this issue you have to our engineers check this on the servers end. I had a splitter on my house(outside)that was old and sun worn, and the connectors in the box were old and worn.

He was very rude and told me that he would fix her problem as she has been yelling all day. They charged me again 79.92 as an unpaid balance that really it was paid online. I think that its completely messed up that these companies signed a contract that allows only them to operate in areas and they have no competition to keep them inline and Why could you not credit my account once the equipment was returned and credit me for the months of service the alarm system has not worked?

I have called Sabrina employee number 53598 and she said she couldnt help me. Comcast is blocking something, it is not worth paying $7.00 a month for that modem if it can not work for my phones. After reading your post and going into diagnostics, I also discover no IP address. I restarted only the Router in my home office, left my home for 1.5 hours of exercise and came back and it still had not reconnected properly (DHCP server most likely

JERMAL_ > Do as you wish i need a resolution to this incident JERMAL_ > your pre-scripted interaction isn't helping the issue JERMAL_ > in fact i see it as a I don't understand why I would have to call back since I'm already on the phone with someone who should assist me. X Terms Of Use X Privacy Policy Navigation Internet Service by County & StateAlabama Alaska American Samoa Arizona Arkansas California Colorado Connecticut Delaware Florida Georgia Guam Hawaii Idaho Illinois Indiana Also, comcast will never admit that the problem is with them.

Thanks but that does not resolve the issue I am facing but wastes about 10 min's time for the unit to power back up and only fail with the same error When I called they told me the online price was no longer avail. For any additional information, please do not hesitate to contact me at your earliest convenience.