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Xbox Live Error 4 Billion Points

Agree 0Disagree 0▼✖-+SPAMInappropriate Show all comments (58) The story is too old to be commented. We won't give up and neither should you. If you have chrome theres an option called inspect element when right clicking to change anything Agree 16Disagree 4▼✖-+SPAMInappropriate WitWolfy1815d ago (Edited 1815d ago )Would still be cool if it happened Nov 18, 2011 after attempting to take the points back, I'm sure Microsoft was like ****, and being negative it's really not the guys fault, the typical person would go and navigate to this website

See details > 1 Share this page Xbox Support Xbox One Xbox 360 Getting started Accessories Apps Console Error codes Networking Security Store Warranty and service Windows Media Center Xbox Live Agree 15Disagree 3▼✖-+SPAMInappropriate B1663r1815d ago They have started including an expiration date in the download terms... Agree 0Disagree 0▼✖-+SPAMInappropriate Les-Grossman1814d ago This has not happened to me yet Agree 0Disagree 0▼✖-+SPAMInappropriate SonyStyled1814d ago how many U.S. Agree 5Disagree 7▼✖-+SPAMInappropriate SuperStrokey11231814d ago Yeah I suppose but do you really think they will let you transfer licenses that you bought on the 360 to the next console?

The user apparently spent a grand total of $5 recharging his balance, and after making a purchase went to see his points total. Agree 0Disagree 9▼✖-+SPAMInappropriate TheGameFoxJTV1815d ago They can't punish someone for their mistake. Agree 0Disagree 0▼✖-+SPAMInappropriate Neko_Mega1814d ago Leave it to Microsoft to screw up again, I haven't even look at my Microsoft Rewards account for along time. Filed under News, Scandal · Tagged with Error, M$ Points, Microsoft, Xbox, Xbox Live ← Steam databases compromised, Newell "trulysorry".

BioShock - Gamerpic Pack (1) 09. Find your past-due subscription in the list. When gold's at an all-time high? Xbox Live Error Gave Man 4 Billion Microsoft Points | Xbox Freedom Xbox Live Error Gave Man 4 Billion Microsoft Points | Xbox Freedom minecraft notch | Tumblr never forget the

Agree 0Disagree 0▼✖-+SPAMInappropriate Kamikaze81814d ago Go look at the post, it's given there. could not have said it better... Agree 2Disagree 1▼✖-+SPAMInappropriate DragonKnight1814d ago Again, if they could legally do what you're claiming, they'd have done so every single time. A corrupted file will be marked with a yellow exclamation point.

A_Box_Of_MintsPosted: Fri. It would be foolish to even attempt to cheat the system like this, even if it was just an accident. Press the X button to sign out. Agree 0Disagree 1▼✖-+SPAMInappropriate Snowii1814d ago those poor poor people Agree 0Disagree 0▼✖-+SPAMInappropriate darthaq1814d ago id spend them mad quick likeMAD quick Agree 1Disagree 0▼✖-+SPAMInappropriate PickAShoe1814d ago holy cow!

Highlight any storage device, and then press the Y button on your controller. (It doesn't matter which storage device you select; the cache will be cleared for all storage devices.) Select An error in the Xbox Live Rewards program awarded many users more Microsoft Points than they were supposed to receive. It's a rewards program that they screwed up on, it's not like when a bank accidentally deposits money into your account. I'm sure microsoft will take these away from the people soon enough.

Try this community option, below. useful reference QUICK LINKS Theme Color Light & Clear Dark & Serious Settings Disable Ghosts/Bats Disable Snow Disable Lights Disable Effects Quick Links Site Rules Site Ranks Site Staff FAQ's About Us Contact Your console will turn on. I would say nothing, let alone inform MS of their mistake.

Unfortunately for him, Microsoft deducted the same amount of points as he received, which means that his account is now in the negatives, the very deep negatives. Select Storage. Agree 4Disagree 6▼✖-+SPAMInappropriate TheGameFoxJTV1814d ago (Edited 1814d ago )It was part of the rewards program, so, technically, he didn't just "find" the points they were given. my review here Leave Remember Password unchecked if you want to be prompted for your Microsoft account password whenever you sign in to your profile on this console.

Solution 6: Delete and re-download the profile that’s stored on your Xbox console To delete the profile that’s stored on your Xbox console: Press the Guide button on your controller. It's not like you have to download each game every time you want to play it. Nov 18, 2011 OMFG I GOT IT TOO!!!!

See Verify the security information for your Microsoft account.

It was helpful. If you do, you should just make sure to download all the content before that and keep a backup. Apparently what caused this was Microsoft gave the user too many points, which he proceeded to spend right away, so when Microsoft went to take the points back, his Points went Nov 18, 2011 Think of the FUT Packs!

Halo Wars Trainer [RGH/JTAG] (0) 02. [PS3] MW2 1.14 Project Nightm... (1) 03. Select the storage device for your profile (for example, Hard Drive). I mean, I'm happy when I discover an extra 20 Microsoft Points here and there from participating in the Xbox Live Rewards program. http://devstude.net/xbox-live/xbox-live-adding-points-error.php At least temporarily.

Agree 16Disagree 1▼✖-+SPAMInappropriate Brownghost1815d ago (Edited 1815d ago )please people dont believe this bull crap, i have the same program hes using that can change anything on a weppage and can Select Storage.