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Works in 3.3.3a Will not report people using the Flask of the North. Bags and money Sell all grey items /script for bag = 0, 4 do for slot = 1, GetContainerNumSlots(bag) do local name = GetContainerItemLink(bag,slot) if name and string.find(name,"ff9d9d9d") then DEFAULT_CHAT_FRAME:AddMessage("Selling "..name) Spell Reflection is not on GCD wich means you can click this macro 2x Quickly Clicking this macro 2x wil Switch your offhand sword to your shield wich you placed in This one is designed more for trinket use than anything else, but it's here for when you only want to silence one of the two skills this macro uses. #showtooltip ExampleSpell1 check over here

Automatically Abandon the First Quest in the Quest Log This macro can be used to abandon a quest without clicking the abandon button and confirming your decision. Credit: Wu of Kael'thas Tested and working in 4.0.6 This macro works like the above, save the order of priority is switched a little (based on observed need). Holding down ctrl: Will make mining nodes appear on your minimap. All 255 characters are used, so you can only change the text in the SendChatMessage-part to a statement with the same amount of characters.

/console Sound_enablesfx 0

Select the question mark for your picture, so the icon is your weapon of choice. Again this works best if you have a two-handed weapon. As an alternative to managing the UI_ERROR_MESSAGE event to suppress the error messages on the trinkets, you can call UIErrorsFrame:Clear(), but this will have the side effect of clearing any previous

  • Bandages Heavy Netherweave Bandage on self /use [target=player] Heavy Netherweave Bandage This macro will always use Heavy Netherweave Bandages on yourself, regardless of target.
  • Vanity Pets Wheel O' Pets /run q=C_PetJournal;v={q.GetNumPets()}r=random(v[2])p={q.GetPetInfoByIndex(r)}q.SummonPetByGUID(p[1])SendChatMessage("spins the Wheel O' Pets!
  • the macro is as following: Because spell reflection is a /cast it doesn't really matter if you put it as first or 2nd line, a /cast wil go first anyway, so
  • Try: Code: /use 13 /use 14 /use SOMESPELL Get it?

You can remove the script lines if you already have autoloot on by default. The chances of getting bursting crops to proc is really low dont even attempt this unless your desperate and have the time and money to waste. Honestly dude this is such a pointless thread. Wow Addons I have everything hotkeyed, and then some, and tend to spam hotkeys until it goes off, but the error sound associated with a rejected keypress kills me lately.

This doesn't show the total amount of money they've ever had, just the single largest sum of money they've ever possessed at once. /run if not zb then zb=CreateFrame("Frame")zb:RegisterEvent("INSPECT_ACHIEVEMENT_READY")zb:SetScript("OnEvent",function()print(UnitName("target").." ("..UnitLevel("target")..") "..GetComparisonStatistic(334))end)end Wow Macros If you are targetting an enemy, it will cast at your target; if you are targeting a friend who is attacking a mob, it will cast at their target; if you The icon will allow you to see what exactly you're going to cast. Ask here!Because the default UI is for squares.Issues with our site?

I have to press the button a couple of times to get it through and in that precious time I get outfeared and out-cc'd by other players who haven't added their Curse Shift-Clicking on this macro will apply a lure to your equipped fishing pole (Change Bright Baubles to any lure you'd like. Login Save? This casts a spell or ability on a priority based target.

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Note that this will not work for druids in flight form. I'd prefer to simply listen for the ability to go off, not listent to the warning sound. /console Sound_enablesfx 0 However, LUA can with the GetActionCooldown(slot) function. Wow Macro Commands If you set the name of the macro to a blank space, you can't even tell it's a macro.

I.E. http://devstude.net/wow-macro/wow-macro-ui-error.php Buttons: btn1 is default; btn3 is similar to the shift modifier; btn2 is similar to the alt modifier. Warrior's charge, intercept, intervene, bloodrage, heroic strike, cleave, shield block, last stand, shield wall are all off the GCD, so theoretically, you could put all of those abilities in 1 macro, Acquire focus target / toggle between previous target /clearfocus [modifier:ctrl] /targetlasttarget [modifier:shift] /stopmacro [target=target, dead]/[modifier:shift] /focus [target=focus, noexists]/[target=focus, dead] /stopmacro [modifier:ctrl] /target focus How to use: If no target=does nothing. Wow Macro Castsequence

Bring them here.GameplayDiscuss your class with people who share your pain.The place to talk PvE progression.Gank, twink, or pwn n00bs—just no flaming.Craft your way to success with Wowhead's help.TransmogrificationCombing the continents Reply With Quote 09-24-2010 #10 Woodlauncher View Profile View Forum Posts Private Message View Articles Master Sergeant Reputation 6 Join Date Jan 2009 Posts 98 Thanks G/R 0/0 CoreCoins 0 TradeFeedback I.E. [Weather-Beaten Fishing Hat]) Alt-Clicking on this macro will equip your Normal set of gear. this content Re-Creating Old Macros When re-creating a macro in Useful macros please follow the example format posted below (to get the frame around your macro, add a space before you start it)

World map /script ToggleFrame(WorldMapFrame); This macro will toggle the world map, just like pressing "M" with the default keybinding. Weather-Beaten Fishing Hat) Alt-Clicking on this macro will equip your Normal set of gear. The number 17 refers to your offhand weapon slot. #showtooltip makes the macro's icon and tooltip display the icon of the equipped weapon, or hold down a modifier key (say Alt)

Coordination of rezzers saves mana and time, especially after a raid wipe.

Works in 3.3.2 ProfessionsEdit Link professions in trade Edit Link your professions in the trade channel Link a single professionEdit /script CastSpellByName(#prof#);SendChatMessage("I'll create items against mats, look out: "..GetTradeSkillListLink(),"CHANNEL",nil,GetChannelName("Trade - City"));CloseTradeSkill(); Replace either ctrl or shift with alt if that modifier key works better for you. boss fight), it will cast at the mob; and finally if you have no target but your focus is friendly and has an enemy target, it will cast at the enemy. Even inserting [@vuhdo] it does not always cast the spell if trinket is on CD.

Works in 3.2.2 Suppressing Sound and Error Messages Edit No Error Text or Sound (Improved) Edit /run sfx=GetCVar("Sound_EnableSFX"); /console Sound_EnableSFX 0 /cast ExampleTrinket1 /cast ExampleSpell2 /run UIErrorsFrame:Clear() /run SetCVar("Sound_EnableSFX",sfx);  Credit: Xaeros Contact Us Home Forum Rules Forum Actions Mark Forums Read Videos What's New? You can chain multiple spells, even if they are on cooldown, as long as they are OFF the GCD. http://devstude.net/wow-macro/wow-macro-no-ui-error.php Our Off-tanks typically select the main tank as their focus, while our DPS (ranged and melee) select their particular tank or off tank.

This allows the "that spell is not ready yet" warning if the final spell is indeed not ready, but still prevents the voice emote for the trinkets. Targets Swap focus / target /stopmacro [noexists][target=focus,noexists] /target focus /targetlasttarget /focus /targetlasttarget For more information about the focus and how to use it, see Focus target. Works in 4.3.4 Fishing equipset w/ error supp Edit Fishing using Equipset with Error Sound/Text suppression #showtooltip fishing /run sfx=GetCVar("Sound_EnableSFX"); /console Sound_EnableSFX 0 /equipset [noequipped:Fishing Pole, nomod] Fish!; /use 1 /use and it will skip past it if its on cooldown.

or: /focus [modifier:alt] /stopmacro [modifier:alt] /cleartarget /assist focus Begin by selecting the MT/MA and then click the assist macro with the alt pressed. This is mostly useful to help identify AddOns that are making odd frames on the screen. permalinkembedsave[–]TangibleBreezeOQueef[S] 0 points1 point2 points 8 months ago(0 children)That looks like it is what I am looking for. Bypass turn-in dialogue /script SelectGossipAvailableQuest(1) /script SelectGossipActiveQuest(1) /script CompleteQuest() /script SelectGossipOption(1) /script AcceptQuest() /script GetQuestReward(1) This macro will do the following: Attempt to bypass any initial dialogue with an NPC (such

Where Am I? /script local px,py=GetPlayerMapPosition("player"); print(format("%s (%.1f, %.1f)",GetZoneText(),px*100,py*100)) Use: Prints your current location in your zone to your chat frame, with one decimal place precision (that's the "1" in "%.1f"). Reply With Quote 09-20-2010 #6 nightcracker View Profile View Forum Posts Private Message View Articles Contributor Reputation 102 Join Date Jan 2008 Posts 96 Thanks G/R 0/0 CoreCoins 5 TradeFeedback 0 Ivaria 100 Blood Elf Priest 14105 291 posts Ivaria Ignored Feb 27, 2015 Copy URL View Post 6.1 introduced some regression here. Useful for DPS trying to target what the tank is targeting in a pack, or just to keep track of a polymorphed target.

Profession Macros Easy Milling/Prospecting #showtooltip /script SetCVar("AutoLootDefault", 1) /cast Milling /use Herb A /use Herb B /use Herb C /in 1 /script SetCVar("AutoLootDefault", 0) Replace Milling with Prospecting for Jewelcrafters. Based on original code by Yza @ EU-Ysondre. permalinkembedsaveparentgive gold[–]uffela 1 point2 points3 points 8 months ago(1 child)This is an example from Nost forum - Lazy 1 button leveling macro (https://forum.nostalrius.org/viewtopic.php?f=40&t=17718&sid=c3e0606e8019525b88eceff795f41403) /script if (UnitName('target') == nil) then TargetNearestEnemy() PetAttack(target) else if As for the Auction House messages, once the money is collected the message will be removed.

This one is designed more for trinket use than anything else, but it's here for when you only want to silence one of the two skills this macro uses If you're