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Its use is as simple as /target Cogwheel /target does a closest match which means if you do /target Cog and someone is standing near you (and no one named Cog You can also provide a name or unit to /assist and you will assist the specified entity: /assist Cogwheel There is an interface option which will automatically start you attacking if One of the goals in the 2.0 patch was to eliminate a lot of old "smart buttons" that allowed people to essentially play the entire game spamming one key repeatedly. Reply With Quote 2011-01-06,08:30 AM #3 Soldan View Profile View Forum Posts Private Message View Started Threads Field Marshal Join Date Oct 2008 Posts 89 Originally Posted by Infighter #showtooltip Lightning check over here

The extra button parameter can also be LeftButton (the default), MiddleButton, Button4, or Button5. As of Patch 3.2, flyable now works as expected in Dalaran and Wintergrasp (except during the battle for Wintergrasp). I had actually made a very similar addon a while ago and was about to publish it when I found yours. The first few lines merely exist as support spells to make the Pyroblast more effective.

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When you are done typing your macro, simply drag its icon from the grid and place it on an action button. When it switches to bar 1 it casts Aspect of the Hawk, and when it goes to bar 2 it casts Aspect of the Monkey. Here is an illustration of this basic syntax. /command [conditions] [more conditions] parameters; [conditions] parameters ...

  • Some conditions also take their own sets of parameters.
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  • First off, as you just saw with "nodead", you can put "no" in front of a condition to mean the opposite.
  • If it is, then it will pass Flash Heal to /cast, but this time it also tells /cast that it should be cast on your target's target.
  • If the spell or item is used successfully, the sequence will move to the next entry.
  • Like /castsequence, /castrandom and /userandom takes a list of spells and/or items separated by commas and picks one at random when you run the command.
  • Because of this, you cannot use a /castsequence to make a spammable macro like: /castsequence Overpower, Execute, Mortal Strike Before the spell list (but always after the conditionals), you can also
  • The following macro (on which CCWarn AddOn is based on) will whisper everyone in your raid to change their targets if they have the same target as you.
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actionbar:1/.../6 or bar:1/.../6 — Given action bar page is selected bonusbar:5 — The possess bar is active (controlling a vehicle or another player) button:1/.../5/ or btn:1/.../5/ — Macro activated To get around that, you have two options. Unfortunately, it will also target irrelevant units (like corpses). Wow Macro Turn Off Error Sound Posting Permissions You may not post new threads You may not post replies You may not post attachments You may not edit your posts BB code is On Smilies are

What if you're a mage and you want to let your party know that you're about to sheep something? Remove Error Text Wow For instance, your current target can always be accessed by the "target" unit ID (obviously not the most useful for the command we're discussing at the moment:P). However, you can also specify one or more particular stances to check. well...

They behave just like /targetfriend and /targetenemy except they will only target other players, ingnoring computer controlled units like NPC's mobs, pets, minions, creations, etc. /console Sound_enablesfx 0 First, you could unbind your focus cast key and make a macro using that key for every spell you would ever want to cast on a focus. Saving a target for later actionEdit The /focus command allows you to save a target to come back to later. There will be some real-world examples using actual options.

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If you used the question mark icon, WoW will automatically update the icon to the current element of the sequence. modifier:shift/ctrl/altEdit Modifier keys are a convenient way to save action bar space and make certain decisions. Wow Error Filter This addon helps you to stay below 255 character limit in your macros. Wow Macro Suppress Error target =?

The macro will now search for the selected target. check my blog The above macro can be shortened to: /cast Furious Howl /cast Blood Fury /cast Call of the Wild Targeting Edit Targeting is another common task in macros. For example, say your raid leader assigns you a target to sheep. A shotcut of /target is /tar so (/target ... = /tar ...). Wow Disable Lua Errors

You can do this either by opening the main menu and selecting Macros, or by typing /macro (/m) in the chat box. I still want to hear the other error sounds, I just don't want to hear "I can't use that item yet" and "It's still recharging" every time I hit Kill Command If you want to spam such a macro without toggling the ability immediately off, prefix its name with an exclamation mark. /cast!Stealth /cast!Mass Dispel /cast!Shoot Macro option applications Edit Many of http://devstude.net/wow-macro/wow-macro-ui-error.php This is a very important distinction because it means you cannot use a reset timer to account for cooldown.

If your macro is activated by a keybinding, [button:1] will always be true. Wow Macro Disable Error Speech Furthermore, there are some targets that can neither be helped nor harmed (unflagged players of the other faction, non-combat pets, escort quests, etc.). Behavior when mounted: left-click will only dismount if not flying.

It is redundant for rogues because [stance:1] and [stealth] do exactly the same thing for them.

Crushtastic 110 Night Elf Warrior 12100 16 posts Crushtastic Ignored Feb 27, 2015 10 Copy URL View Post This does the trick: /console Sound_EnableErrorSpeech 0 Namisan 110 Example: /cast Furious Howl /stopcasting /cast Blood Fury /stopcasting /cast Call of the Wild Note that since patch 2.3, this is no longer necessary. One of the common issues of macros is that error sounds and messages are played, even though the player does not wish to hear or see them.This usually happens when abilities, Elvui Error Text Another problem is that it may target something 100 yards behind you that you don't really care about. (Patch 2.3 added the /targetexact command to eliminate part of the problem.) In

Like /targetenemy, you can add a 1 to reverse the direction. /targetenemyplayer /targetenemyplayer 1 /targetfriendplayer /targetfriendplayer 1 Note: You can only use these commands once per macro. /targetparty, /targetraidEdit Cycles through well it works like 50% of the time it seems.BUT my character still says out loud "not ready yet" no matter which one I use.Any other way to kill all this This option allows you to keep that from happening, and also has a few other uses. have a peek at these guys For example, /target party1 will target your first party member.

However, this does not necessarily include the condition's parameters (described below). Petrah View Public Profile Send a private message to Petrah Visit Petrah's homepage! Still, it's usually better to consistently capitalize as things appear. Finally, at the bottom you have a number of self-explanatory buttons.

I've been using this one... #showtooltip Lightning Bolt /targetenemy [dead][noharm] /use 10 /use Lightning Bolt /script UIErrorsFrame:Clear() ...which works perfectly, but everytime I use it when it's on cooldown my character Join Date Mar 2009 Location Quebec Posts 5,126 Originally Posted by Robula As you brought this up. LoL Pro LoL Pro Dominate with Pro LoL guides. Don't worry too much if you don't understand what they mean.

The simplest usage of focus is with key bindings. Note that when using /equipslot, you must respecify the slot for each set of conditionals. AfterCast schedules a slash command to run... This is to help keep them from breaking the sheep that this macro casts as well. /cast Polymorph /run for i=1,GetNumRaidMembers()-1 do local u,t="raid"..i,"target"if UnitIsUnit(u..t,t)then SendChatMessage("Change targets!

Macro Broker provides this as well through a new command, /eval. [@unit] (previously [target=unit])Edit In addition to condition checking, the macro option system provides us with a way to set the Aerie Peak Agamaggan Shattered Halls / Sunstrider et al.