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I guess crashing isn't that important? Removing those should fix the problem. If you don't like this, and would rather go back to the old behavior, uncheck "Show bag upgrade advisor" on Pawn's Options tab. I preferred the idea of keeping Pawn "pure" and doing all of its own calculations completely custom. http://devstude.net/wow-error/wow-error-file-signature-file.php

Um.... 2,300 what? In the English version, the Values tab has been renamed to Weights, to better match the generally accepted terminology. Also try deleting or backing up your saved variables files / folders. You're a genius!

Technical Support Customer Support Service Status Technical Support Mac Technical Support Bug Report PTR Discussion 6.1 PTR Discussion 5.2 PTR Discussion 6.2 PTR Discussion PTR Discussion 6.1.2 PTR Discussion 6.2.2 PTR There's a few threads about what to do on the wow forums. I propose two methods, one being determine, what is the best item for every slot, then equip the one, that has the highest % upgrade. Mr.

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  2. We know it can't be Blizzard's code, so the problem must lay elsewhere.============================================================================== World of WarCraft: Retail Build (build 16309) Exe: C:\Program Files\World of Warcraft\WoW.exe Time: Nov 28, 2012 2:42:47.046 PM
  3. Never assume an ogre's stupid, that's when they'll get you.
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  5. So many party's where doomed for wipe before I clearly understand what addon was crashing.
  6. Do you have the 'Auto Open Loot Rolls Window' setting enabled?
  7. Lannadin 6 Human Warlock 0 203 posts Lannadin Ignored Nov 30, 2012 Copy URL View Post It certainly does seem to be associated with looting, though I am not sure that
  8. Lannadin Americas 02:41, 01/12/12 Source The great thing about this new patch is not the content but the fact we have a brand new bug to cause a crash every 20
  9. If you had that 1000 agi 500 crit trinket and then got a 1200 agi 700 crit trinket, you'd see "upgrade" and swap it out, but then if some amazing best-in-slot
  10. Does nothing without modules installed." Printf = defined @Interface\AddOns\TradeSkillMaster\CoreAPI\Modules.lua:147 SetDefaultModulePrototype = defined @Interface\AddOns\!!!EaseAddOnController\Libs\AceAddon-3.0\AceAddon-3.0.lua:440 NO_SOUND_KEY = "TSM_NO_SOUND" LDBIcon = { } defaultModuleState = true IsEnabled = defined @Interface\AddOns\!!!EaseAddOnController\Libs\AceAddon-3.0\AceAddon-3.0.lua:482

    To accomodate outfit building, in which weights shift with each item change, a second button next to the "generate outfit" one, which would equip the best upgrade item.Determining the "best upgrade" Screenshots are usually very helpful as well. Private Mod Note (): Rollback Post to Revision RollBack Elwe_Thor  Join Date: 7/23/2016 Posts: 5 Member Details #3500 Elwe_Thor View User Profile Send Message Posted Nov 1, 2016 If I to try and resolve this problem.

    Register Now. ? The option to build an outfit for a given stat weight. Now, this feature has a very specific use-case, outside of which it is very odd. If bank window is open, the outfit generator would take bank contents into account as well.

    I can understand when it's a proc trinket, since Pawn doesn't know if it's an upgrade or not, but if it's like +1000 agility +500 crit, and I get a +1200 We've seen many posts regarding errors similar to this, but there have been multiple solutions mentioned as well. I had to turn drink amount and food amount to 0 to make it work. Thread: WoW Error when going past the launcher...Help?

    That would probably be doable. All times are GMT +1. The title says it all, really. Then enable your addons one at a time until you find the one causing you trouble.

    The other being equipping the one, that has the highest absolute value. check my blog Private Mod Note (): Rollback Post to Revision RollBack gabitafm  Join Date: 10/19/2011 Posts: 19 Member Details #3514 gabitafm View User Profile Send Message Posted Nov 2, 2016 I think Running old raids, it would cause me to crash whenever i had anything to do with the loot. Mobile View This site works best with JavaScript enabled.

    Please enable JavaScript to get the best experience from this site. The outfit would have the name of the scale/weight. I'm now convinced that Pawn is using values and calculations that are, IMO, worthless. this content Reply With Quote 2010-12-05,11:23 AM #11 Kralljin View Profile View Forum Posts Private Message View Started Threads Scarab Lord Join Date Jan 2010 Posts 4,642 Last night, did get always errors

    Maybe this will help someone else too. 01.12.2012, 07:56 CodenameG Quote: Originally Posted by deprherp Np. Originally Posted by Nesingwary-Eliada Basically, my last guild leader was a wheel-chair bound Mexican who wanted to be Black, posted pictures of his dad claiming it was him, had the hots Robot that come with Pawn, the numbers actually are approximate DPS and HPS for damage and healers, and I'm not actually sure if the tank numbers represent anything at all.

    See the readme file included with Pawn for more information on getting the most out of Pawn.

    Private Mod Note (): Rollback Post to Revision RollBack Hica  Join Date: 9/10/2016 Posts: 2 Member Details #3521 Hica View User Profile Send Message Posted Nov 2, 2016 This did I played this game yesterday

    how could this happen?

    Version 2.1.4 Fixed a bug where occasionally Pawn would complain about finding too many "bonus IDs" on items. Curse Help Register Sign In Curse.com MODS CLIENT PREMIUM GIVEAWAYS NEWS Desktop View Home Member List Belk2's Profile Send Private Message Belk2 Registered User Member for 3 years, 11 months, and If you play both Fire and Frost, would you prefer that when your spec is currently set to Fire, you don't see upgrades for Frost? (That's the behavior you get in http://devstude.net/wow-error/wow-error-the-file-could-not-be-renamed.php Trinkets would be either empty, or a "disabled" slot in the generated outfit.

    But the guidance that you get from Pawn would be exactly the same if you divided each of the numbers by 10 or multiplied them by 100 since upgrade percentages are They don't have to mean anything at all; a higher number just means that given a certain set of stat "weights," some expert thinks that one item is better than another. There's a few threads about what to do on the wow forums. It is definitely pawn (tested with activated/deactivated addon)!!!

    As a player, that has stockpiled all his 840+ ilvl items in the bank, I would welcome these particular features when determining the best gear every time a stat weight shifts,