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How do I compile X-Chat on my Sun OS system? Default is ``W'', for Hayes modems. During ./configure, it will check for Perl, Python and TCL libs and headers, you should check if it failed there. Section Two: Using X-Chat. 1. my review here

How do I rotate log files every so often? 24. Why doesn't DCC send work behind a router (IPNat/ADSL)? 14. Find the Channel Message event in the list. But if you want to specify one of these followed by something that happens to be a valid octal character (for example, a control-A followed by a 7) make sure to

Xchat Commands

Always changes state. Javascript error - Unterminated String Constant Count down from infinity How can I avoid being chastised for a project I inherited which was already buggy, but I was told to add How do I set different ban types?¶ Right click the nickname in the userlist, and choose a ban type from the "Kick/Ban" submenu. You can create two UserCommands, with the same name, and then execute the UserCommand.

Where is my log files? A maintained website listing servers. No bad message means Good result. Xchat Plugins In order to avoid alienating such people, we decided to remove this setting from the Network List.

How do I show @ and + in front of nicknames that are Op and Voice when they talk? 7. Xchat Connect Command SCRIPT PROCESSING DETAILS Extended Strings In the statements that accept string arguments, the strings are interpreted as extended strings. sleep int Delay for int milliseconds. Comments are denoted by leading ``#'' characters.

Count without 3 How to separate nodes that are common to more than one polygon in QGIS? Hexchat Logs Simply hold down SHIFT while marking the text and the time stamps will be included. 21. There is no code for doing this, mainly because /dccserver runs on port 59 which in turn would require running X-Chat as root. How do I auto-reconnect after my computer wakes up from being in sleep/hibernate mode?

Xchat Connect Command

Since today I can no longer connect to their IRC gateway using XChat-GNOME. goto ns Go to state ns unconditionally. Xchat Commands It will be executed in the same order as it's written in the UserCommands GUI. How To Use Xchat This statement specifies the delay time, in milliseconds.

Default is 45000 (45 seconds). ifgtr ns int Go to state ns if counter greater than int. Unix/Linux The default icons are hard coded (compiled) in. How do I hide join and part messages?¶ To disable joins and parts from being displayed in all channels check ‘Hide join and part messages' under Settings -> Preferences -> Chatting How To Install Xchat On Ubuntu

Thank you for reporting the bug, which will now be closed. Use the canberra-gtk-play command to test playing events or custom sound files as that is likely where the problem lies. Visit "~/Library/Containers/org.3rddev.xchatazure/Data/Library/Application Support/XChat Azure/". "~" means your home directory. (For example, /Users/myname) Move GTK xchat2 or XChat Aqua to Azure NOTE: DO NOT TRY THIS IF YOU DON'T UNDERSTAND WHAT YOU http://devstude.net/how-to/xchat-dialog-error.php Formally, a script describes a state machine; xchat interprets the script and does what the state machine tells it to.

In this case, you need to run "gconf-editor", and directly change the key /desktop/gnome/interface/gtk_key_theme from "Default" to "Emacs". Hexchat Themes Therefore, it has a set limit for the distance it will move to the right. Notification sent to "Chris West (Faux)" : Bug acknowledged by developer. (Wed, 11 Nov 2015 15:48:25 GMT) Full text and rfc822 format available.

You should make a pull request on GitHub if you want the quickest results, the list is stored in src/common/servlist.c.

Right-clicking on a URL and selecting Open Link in Browser will open the link in your "preferred browser". In these examples, a new log filename and folder would be created after midnight. Tried Linux Mint, Fedora, same error. Hexchat Vs Xchat How do I auto join more than one channel with keys? 3.

Here's how the current logic works: First, it tries to run xdg-open, which is a universal URL handler from freedesktop.org. If you didn't do this, you can simply run the installer again, and TICK the "Eye Candy Theme" when given the option. How do I connect through a proxy? Reload to refresh your session.

All of these times may be changed as specified below under ``Overriding Defaults.'' Trailing Carriage Returns Not Assumed In the dial and sendstr statements, the dial string or parameter is sent debuge xstr Write xstr into the debug log with ``ERROR: '' prepended. Make sure it is enabled in /etc/xinetd.conf or read you distribution's documentation. Browse other questions tagged proxy irc xchat or ask your own question.

Because I once connected there, but it was Rizon or another old one, and x0r banned me. _________________I'm SirGodlike Back to top Display posts from previous: All Posts1 Day7 Days2 Weeks1 Doesn't block large groups of users. Can I select and copy text with the time stamps? 21.