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Worst Microsoft Error Messages


All rights reserved {Offer-Title} {Offer-PageContent} Click Here Share This Facebook Twitter Google+ reddit LinkedIn StumbleUpon Digg {"enable-exit-intent-popup":"true","cookie-duration":14,"popup-selector":"#popup-box-sxzw-1","popup-class":"popupally-opened-sxzw-1","cookie-name":"popupally-cookie-1","close-trigger":".popup-click-close-trigger-1"} Get Our Updated Design & Code Review Checklist Now Join in to receive our And that's just to find the problem, not fix it. Michael Brian Says: September 24th, 2008 at 12:52 pm From IBM's OS/2 Token-ring network driver: "Open error during physical insertion phase". They had the projector on and was setting up the Microsoft demo for Gate's speech when the blue screen appeared. weblink

Provide measures to prevent the problem from reoccurring. Xbox One Tires Of Your Past Behavior While knocking around his Xbox One, Twitter user @getB3NT encountered this error message and sent it along to the gaming news site Kotaku. "Choose See, this customer was mad because his missile defense system design work had been interrupted by an error message that said: "Beam me up Scotty, she's sucking mud!" Todd Says: September Abort Retry, Fail?

Funny Computer Error Messages

Pin it Warning – When MS Excel doesn’t open .XLS. Match that with one of the most comically evil faces we've ever seen, and this is one error message at which it's impossible to be angry. The Red Screen of Death (Windows) Microsoft's infamous Screens of Death come in multiple colors? David B Says: September 24th, 2008 at 11:40 am I (and others) would argue that 404 is the most important error message of all time, and the most important contribution that

In fact, people have an emotional attachment to many of them-like Proust's Madeleine, an error message from a machine out of your past can transport you back in time. This results in generic errors like "Cannot Open Configuration" but no idea Why, because the Inner Exception was thrown away. If safety isn't a factor, select the most likely or convenient command. Error Message Text STOP.

ERROR: Nothing to do. http://pcpartpicker.com/user/SteevyT/saved/21PI #4 Nov 19, 2012 fm87 fm87 View User Profile View Posts Send Message Beyond the Horizon Location: Manchester, NH Join Date: 2/22/2011 Posts: 21,859 Member Details I get this one Joe Says: September 24th, 2008 at 2:01 pm *C - After waiting and watching the ‘**'s flash from loading a program on cassette tape… 1979 - TRSDOS (Level I/II - back If that title would be redundant or confusing with the main instruction, use the program name instead.

I ranked them on a variety of factors, including how many people they bedeviled over the years, their aesthetic appeal or lack thereof, and the likelihood that they were notifying you Computer Error Messages And Solutions One of the many features that it contains that Apple and Windows users must do without: the ability to enable insults. The crowd roared when they saw it. 2 - One of our programmers put in an error message of "Bang - Your Dead". Millard Says: September 24th, 2008 at 11:44 am I distinctly remember sitting as a lab assistant in one of the Computer Science labs in the mid-90s.

Computer Error Messages List

When "You have performed an illegal operation" popped she.freaked.the.h.e.double.hockey.sticks.out. Aberta Rental LOL banana shark 😀 Maxim Therrien The "bailing out: you're on your own!" one is with ArchLinux with a broken grub cfg or something. Funny Computer Error Messages Making things just work. Types Of Error Messages In Computer Though, as they also built and sold a video game console that was made entirely out of hot turds, we probably shouldn't let them completely off the hook.

Use messages with multiple causes only when the specific cause cannot be determined. have a peek at these guys Doing so from untrusted sources may harm your computer." (Both phrased as conditions that may cause future problems.) Information. "You have configured Windows Internet Explorer to block unsigned ActiveX controls." (Phrased Apparently, it was the type that gave up at the first signs of trouble. Kirsten Says: September 24th, 2008 at 11:51 am my grandmother thought that "illegal operation. Scariest Error Messages

That isn't playful exaggeration; the Blue Screen of Death was an everyday occurrence. TheNextWeb 2. Why not check the paper tray?" And that's pretty reasonable, except what if you happen to work in a country that doesn't use letter size paper? check over here It became nicknamed "SYNTAX TERROR" for many frustrated users.

John Lamb Says: September 24th, 2008 at 11:15 am I still get a chuckle from the "Keyboard Error, Press F1 to continue." Usually, the only time I got that error was Error Message Examples RSS Feed Twitter: Harry|All Technologizer Join Our Facebook Page The Thirteen Greatest Error Messages of All Time They're rarely helpful. I'm relieved to say I've never encountered that, as far as I can remember.

For example, suppose within an e-commerce program a user tries to find a product using search, but the literal search query has no matches and the desired product is out of

Anonyuser Says: September 24th, 2008 at 11:33 am The best error message of all: "Keyboard not detected. Cracked is a Scripps company brand Follow us on Twitter Follow us on Google+ Follow Us on Facebook About Technologizer & Harry Technologizer by Harry McCracken More Ways to Get Us... This is a good reminder that our computers are not human. Error Message Text Prank But in the context of computers and offices, "PC" always means "Personal Computer." It's shorthand we use to mean computer, right?

Do you give up? This feature is not available right now. Note the attention to detail with the Bill Lumbergh cartoon rendering. http://devstude.net/error-message/worst-windows-error-messages.php Why It's So Frustrating: There Was No Way You Could Fix It Most computer errors aren't that hard to fix.

Here, music-streaming service Grooveshark is kind enough to provide a lengthy explanation for its downtime that involves some Chinese investors and a hungry panda named Pickles. Turns out the printer was indeed overheating (though far from catching on fire), but it was still quite a startling message. Never bothered to make the messages useful, because it really shouldn't have been possible for people to see them. Avoiding unnecessary error messages Often the best error message is no error message.

It combined all the excitement of making typos with the fun of eye strain, and there's a reason no one uses it any more. Kind of recursive if you think of it... (Source) Sure... More from IntertechIntertech's Complete Raspberry Pi Class Materials - Lab 1Test Responsive Design with FireFoxWindows 10 Tips: Where are my files?Introducing TypeScriptAssessment: PhoneGap vs Native?Free WP7 E-Book (we all love free?right?) Thanks for information's.

Like a dead person holding up a sign reading "I'm dead". It automatically opened a HTML filed with the title "hacked". Displayed infrequently. Not just an error message, but a command prompt.

The message describes the problem using specific language, giving specific names, locations, and values of the objects involved. Correct: Please wait while Windows copies the files to your computer. Pin it However, scratching your head over these pop-up error messages will not help either. topyli Says: September 24th, 2008 at 1:44 pm Not an error (quite the opposite!) but when your hungry adventurer eats an apple in nethack, the system returns: Core dumped.

The user can't proceed and there is no feedback to determine the problem. yet… ashes drift, the embers cease to glow, and darkened life in frozen death is drowned; and ashes on the swell are seen no more. Pod Says: September 24th, 2008 at 1:59 pm I used to work at a company that produced printers. As noted in the error message, this page often displays when one is trying to perform a function for which they're not authorized. (Hackers, for instance.) Regardless of whether it was

Even if users decide to change the value, the default value lets users know the expected input format. Not using writers and editors to create and review the error messages. If you can press F2 then the keyboard is present.